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Product Designer

To design a spatial product, that’s special.

Working at Braga Technologies gave me a chance to design spatial products, that’s special in a sense that people rarely know about this niched area when in fact we use them a lot and it is very useful in many aspects in life.

Account Manager

An out-of-the-box solution for many things to do.

The work environment is supportive and, personally, gives me warmth. Braga always has an out-of-the-box solution for everything. There’s also this continuous learning aspect of the people in it and I saw the potential for rapid development in the geospatial technology industry.

Front End Engineer

It’s lively here.

The working environment is comfortable. It’s lively here. Also, Braga Technologies supports us to develop our skills, both professional and life skills, which is great.

Product Manager

I have grown precious expertises

Been working here since I finished my undergraduate degree. Here, in Braga, I have grown precious expertises within the company values which related to my skills in geospatial and technology. Living my role as PM, I learn how to manage and communicate things in most effective way for delivering the best products & services.

People and Culture Manager

The relationship between the two is strong.

Coming from social humanities background, I wasn’t familiar with geospatial tech but I enjoy every steps in the learning process. My understanding of humans and spatial is broaden. Turns out the relationship between the two is strong and I wasn’t aware about that until my time at Braga.

Map Ops Manager

They never fail to encourage me.

I learned many things during my experience at Braga Technologies, especially in the field of data processing. Of course it’s challanging when you’re needed to think creatively and out of the box every single day, but the people I’m working with never fail to inspire and encourage me.

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Dzakky Hazimi

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Muhammad Farel

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Tabah Juliansyah

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Angelica Tamada

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Resty Ningrum

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