Navigating the world, one map at a time.


Company / Culture

Locate your uncharted passion here.


We're creating an environment to keep everyone standout with their talents and be able to cherish each and every unique qualities that we have.

Dare to act, own the work, be the truest you. Seizing opportunities daily, that’s how we do.


People can Count on Us.

We commit to being a better professional within each of our own domains to reach the bigger goal.


Take Risk, Take Ownership.

On a highly dynamic uncertainty and obstacles, it takes courage to sail on that journey.


Setting our Priorities Right

We walk further together. As a team player, we focus on our work as much as the goals of our team.


Be Your True and Honest Self.

Braga is a safe space where challanges and obstacles are openly recognized, discussed, and worked on together.


Everyone’s Capable in Their Own Ways

Made of people with diverse thoughts and skill sets. We view everyone as a capable, independent professional.

Culture Manifesto

Only good
leads to

More than our work, we are valuable as a person. As much as you do your best at work, we are committed at prioritizing and improving your well-being.

With Braga Technologies, navigate your passion and expertise here together.

Braga’s living systems and playbook are designed to ensure you have a wholly impeccable experience here.

“My main responsibility is not making a big company or big profit,
but sharing the welfare as much as possible and building a bright future for all of us.”
-Dirga Sumantri, CEO


Work at Braga

Location Intelligence meets your uniquity creates something new.

Being part of Braga means finding yourself in a unique position. Seize the possibility to work on challanges that have impacts all over the world.